Saturday, August 30, 2008

La Primera Semana . The first week

Our first day at church in Alcala de Henares.
Our first day in Madrid I got interviewed by Onda 6, a small Spanish news channel. They asked me how I thought the basketball game between Spain and the U.S. would go and I told them I thought we would win. Then they asked who my favorite player was and I couldn't name any of them, it was really funny.A beautiful flower in Madrid!
Our whole group on our trip to Segovia.
Kimber and me at a cathedral.

El Bano de Diana (Diane's Bath)

Twice a year Las Fuentes in La Granja turn on and people from all over Spain come to see them and some even jump in! Our professors were glad we jumped in too :) They turn on one by one and hoards of people go from one to the other, some running in silly outfits, some walking slowly with their children. We did a little bit of both.

This is my favorite of "las fuentes" (the fountains) in La Granja. Close up there are small baths from top to bottom with bathers in them. It's beautiful, and then when the water was turned on, it was GORGEOUS! A fairy tale experience :)