Thursday, September 25, 2008

Una Noche afuera con Pilar (A Night out with Pilar)

We decided to treat Pilar to a night out, we had so much fun together! She knew everyone we saw and every time she saw someone she knew she'd tell us "Son majisimas!" Tha means "They are such good people!" She loves everyone and is so fun! We let her choose where we'd eat and we went to one of her favorite places where we order what we want to drink and they bring you sandwiches for free- we ate one with cream cheese and salmon. Then you can order dinner if you want. The plate in the picture looks like an American kebob, it's pork and was very good!


Emily said...

This has to be such a great experience for you. All the food you keep writing about looks so yummy. And you look like a sharply-dressed grownup. When did you get to be a grownup? I miss you, pretty lady! I hope we can get together sometime soon after you get back.

Rachael said...

That's a unique concept! FUN! Pilar looks very fancy - how fun! You look fancy too - soooo preeeettttyyyy!

Crystal said...

Hey Minta, you look amazing and it seems like you are having a great time!! Yeah =) I love the food, wish I cooked like that everday.. but only so I could eat it everyday. We love you and can't wait to see you this winter. Lots of love!!! ~Crystal~

Crystal said...

Yo Mint... what's up? Oh wait you have a blog now so all I have to do is read it and then I'll know all!!! ha ha ha ha (: I can't wait for you to come visit and see your blump little nephew, he's fattening up just in time for the holidays! Thanks so much for sharing your great experiences with all of us. You're spreading you sweet spirit all over the world these days. Have a blast!

Love ya,