Friday, November 14, 2008

**Real Madrid***

All 30 of us went to a Real Madrid soccer game. It was a lot of fun! They played against another Spanish team and beat them 4-3 but were later disqualified for letting the same player make every goal...bummer.


Emy Jason and Boston said...

Hey Minta, this is Jason. It looks like you've had so much fun in Spain, and you've gotten to see so many beautiful places! thats so cool, I hope you have had such an amazing time! I know Emy and I are excited to see you soon, and Boston has yet to meet his "auntie minta"! Haha, see you soon!

PAM said...

What an exciting and great experience you have had. good for you! I went to Caleb Scovil and Amy Fitzpatrick's wedding at the Manti temple today. How wonderful it was and I told them that all of our dreams have come through as we (Bishop and I) have thought ever since Amy moved into the ward that they were a match and incredible one at that. I haven't ever seen one couple kiss so much on their wedding day, It was adorable. yesterday we went to a wedding in the Salt Lake Temple of another student. From last Friday to this Saturday I will have been to 2 bridal showers ( home ward girls) and 2 sealings and 3 receptions. What great joy we have had this week. Well another amazing sight you have seen and the soccer game must have been so much fun. We look forward to seeing your beautiful face again on American soil and especially Utah soil.
love Sister Lee