Saturday, November 8, 2008


We spent a day in Toledo and it turned out to be one of my favorite trips.

Christie and I on a bridge in front of the gate.

This is called a Cluster. When there is an opening in the church with gardens and an outside hall surrounding it- very romantic!


Christie, Kimber and me with the city in the background, the cathedral is on the top left of the center.

"The Boys" Colton, Guillermo and William. Guillermo is in the Alcala ward and got back from a mission he served in California in August.

Me, Alarie, Guillermo and Madison with the Rio Tajo in the background. Alarie and Madison are both from Colorado and great- no- AMAZING girls.

Raven and me. Raven is from the one and only Provo (having gone to school for 3 years in Provo and served my mission in the Provo mission, there is a very VERY special place in my heart for Provo. Raven is convincing me to join the Siesta and Luau dance club this winter, I think I might do it.

The lovely group, man how I'll miss them.


rach said...

The siesta club - that's a good idea! Love you mint - I know you are going to miss all those great people and that BEAUTIFUL place but we're sure excited to have you back in a couple weeks!
(and it's really pretty here too!)

Minta said...

I'm really excited to see you too! :)